Be encouraged by this beautiful, and refreshingly truthful, article on marriage from The Silver Lining:

The Silver Lining

Today is my 23rd Anniversary! This weekend my husband came home with 2 dozen roses… times four. After joyfully sharing my story, I was asked about the significance of the number,and at first thought there wasn’t any. Yet, I realize now, there are years of significancein remembering through the roses…

Wouldn’t 100 make it exactly significant? No. Because 100 says perfection. It says 100%. And we’re not there yet. In fact, 96 roses came after a big argument… right before our anniversary of course. I wonder if anyone else has these kinds of problems? I can’t help but often think; if I pretend my marriage is 100% perfect, what good does that do towards providing hope for failing Christian marriages? Don’t we need to admit that we’re all on the same page; making our way, trying to figure out this marriage thing with God, together?

Shouldn’t we admit…

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