In this article I want to return to the MCU again.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has proved to be a great source of material for the articles on this blog, providing many different analogies. The article ‘LMDs in the Church‘, used the Life Model Decoy androids from the MCU as an analogy for parts of the Church.  In this article, I want to return to the MCU again and in particular to the LMD story line from Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 4. It was revealed as part of the story line, that whilst SHIELD (Marvel’s spy agency) had a programme to develop LMDs, they had not yet been successful. The LMDs were however successfully developed by Doctor Radcliffe, who whilst not evil per se, did have a lot of the ‘mad scientist’ about him. Unlike the LMDs which SHIELD had not managed to develop, which would have served as decoy versions of agents etc, whilst the real agents were safely occupied elsewhere, Doctor Radcliffe’s LMD plan involved totally replacing the real person with an LMD. The point in me telling you all this, is because I want to look at what happened to the real person and see how something similar has happened to many Christians.

Doctor Radcliffe’s intent was not directly evil, but it was seriously misguided.

You see, Doctor Radcliffe’s intent was not directly evil, but it was seriously misguided. He had respect for human life, so he did not kill the people that had been replaced. Instead he wired them up to a digital version of the world (something akin to the fake world in The Matrix) that had been created by his first LMD, Aida (Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant). I am not clear what his intention was in replacing SHIELD agents with LMDs, but that is not important, as I want to focus instead on the fake world, which Doctor Radcliffe called The Framework. This world was intended to be perfect, but of course it wasn’t. In the real world, the evil organisation Hydra had been defeated by SHIELD and the Avengers. In the digital world of The Framework, Hydra had won.

Have you ever felt that something isn’t right about your life as a Christian?

Have you ever felt that something isn’t right about your life as a Christian? Have you ever read the Bible and wondered why your life doesn’t line up? Have you ever wondered why, if God promises healing, you’re still sick? Or if God supplies all your needs, you still experience lack? Or if Jesus gives the peace that passes all understanding, you get so stressed and worried sometimes? You can see in the Bible that Jesus triumphed over Satan and that you are apparently more than a conqueror, and yet somehow, the reality you are experiencing doesn’t really line up. It’s almost as though the Christianity the Bible describes and the Christianity you live day by day are two entirely different things. It’s almost as if, that in the version you live in, Satan has not exactly lost. That Satan is not the quite defeated foe that he is supposed to be. Oh sure, you know that Jesus has won the ultimate victory, and you know that one day Satan will be gone forever, but for now he is doing pretty well at winning the battles in your life. The battles which you know in your heart you should really be winning.

Determine to be free from The Framework.

If you can relate to what I have said above, then you are living in The Framework – not Doctor Radcliffe’s fake world, but Satan’s fake version of Christianity. I will tell you now that Satan has his agents (many of whom do not realise what they are doing) working within The Framework. As soon  as you begin to question whether the Christianity you are experiencing is real, these agents will be quick to give you reasons why it is. They have an answer for almost every question you could have about why the Bible doesn’t line up with your experience. Two of the biggest reasons they will give are that either a particular promise was for a group of people in the past and / or it will only really be fulfilled in the age to come – healing is an example of this (see ‘Define ‘Healed’…….‘). But don’t be fooled, if your experience of Christianity doesn’t seem quite right, it’s because it isn’t. If it seems bland compared to the Christianity of the Bible, that’s because it is Satan’s counterfeit version. Don’t allow complicated, philosophical reasons which you don’t fully understand, deceive you into remaining within The Framework. Make the decision that you are going to believe what the Bible says, whether it makes sense to you in the natural or not (see ‘The Bible vs Experience & Opinion‘). Determine to be free from The Framework.

I encourage you to explore some of the other articles in this blog.

Some of you reading this will be unable to accept that your version of Christianity is out of line with the Bible and you will reject a Christianity that takes the promises of God at face value. If that is the case, I cannot help you and no amount of discussion is going to convince you. You may even react angrily to what I am saying. If one day though, you start to question how the Bible can say one thing, but your reality can be something entirely different, come back to this blog. It will be an excellent place to learn how to break free from The Framework. For those of you who already know that something isn’t right, I encourage you to explore some of the other articles in this blog, they will give you the tools you need to break free from The Framework. They will give you the tools you need to break free from the version of Christianity where you are virtually powerless against the attacks of the devil and they will guide you into becoming the victorious Christian that God says you are. It is also important to get into a church that is going to build your faith up, instead of keeping you trapped in The Framework, my article, ‘What To Look For In A Church‘, will help you with this.

Finally, I realise that I have said  lot of this before, using different analogies, etc. This is because this is an important subject and one which Satan works hard at hiding the truth about. Looking at the same topic from different angles is often important as whilst someone may clearly see the truth from one angle, another person may see it more clearly from a different angle.

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