This article will still be relevant whenever you are reading it.

This is part three of my ‘Guide To Voting’ series, which gives Biblical based guidance for Christians to consider whenever they cast their votes at the ballot box. Parts one & two used the UK’s EU Referendum in 2016 and the 2016 US Presidential Election as a backdrop, and in part three, we will be using the 2017 UK Parliamentary Election – although this article will still be relevant whenever you are reading it.

Never vote for someone based on local issues alone.

In one of the previous posts, I mentioned that in a presidential election, you should not just look at the candidate for president, but also at the party he represents. The same principle applies for parliamentary elections, as happen in the UK. In fact, in a country like the UK, it is even more important to focus on the party and not on the individual candidate you are potentially voting for. Here in the UK, we do not vote directly for the prime minister, we cast our votes for our local MP (Member of Parliament) and the MPs then take their seat in parliament, with the party with the most MPs forming the government. If no single party has a majority then a coalition will be formed, as is the norm in continental Europe. My advice here is this: Look at the bigger picture. Your current MP may be a great guy, he may have stood up for your local area, but what does his party represent? What do the parties of his / her rivals represent? Never vote for someone based on local issues alone, always look at the bigger picture. In the rest of this post we will look at a practical way to determine how to vote.

The next time you are able to vote do your research.

Look out for policies that are very obviously ungodly, also look out for ungodly people being attracted to certain parties. You will find that the people that promote ungodly policies, and ungodly people in general, tend to flock together. You may think that it can’t be that simple or that obvious, but the next time you are able to vote do your research. The 2017 UK parliamentary election provides some very good examples of what I am talking about. First though, I need to explain some things – so please bear with me. As I have mentioned before, in the UK there are two main political parties, which will be dominate on either the Government or Opposition side of Parliament. These are Labour Party and the Conservative Party, there are also a number of smaller parties. Due to technicalities which I don’t want to spend time on here, at the time of writing it is unlikely that the Labour Party could form a government on their own. The reasons why are not important; the point is that because the Labour Party is unlikely to form a government on its own, and so it would almost certainly need to work with other parties. As the UK prepares to vote on the 8th June, there has been talk of deals between the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and also the Scottish National Party; all of whom are keen to block a Conservative government.

For genuine Christians I should not need to explain why this is totally godly.

Having explained things as simply as possible, let’s look at some of the policies of the parties that would like to form a coalition government in the UK. The Conservative Party have claimed that this would be a ‘coalition of chaos’, but are they right?

First, let’s look at the Green Party. Do they have any policies which could be categorised as ungodly? The answer is yes! The most obvious ungodly policy of the Green Party, being the ambition to legalise prostitution.

Non-Christians may argue the pro and cons of this policy, but for genuine Christians I should not need to explain why this is totally godly. So already we have people who want to protect their ungodly lifestyle being attracted to this potential coalition.

The Liberal Democrats have a certain policy which should be a red flag to genuine Christians.

Next, let’s examine the Liberal Democrats. Just like the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats have a certain policy which should be a red flag to genuine Christians: The legalising of cannabis. I’m sure some Christians will want to argue about this, but I am not going to waste my time on why this is wrong. And so we have another group of people wishing to promote and protect ungodly lifestyles being attracted to this potential coalition.

Exclusive: Lib Dems tell BuzzFeed their manifesto will include a commitment to a fully legalised cannabis market.

— Jim Waterson (@jimwaterson) 12 May 2017

The biggest issue with the British Labour Party is the same issue with the Democratic Party in the United States – socialism.


So the Liberal Democrats, and the Green Party, both of whom have expressed a desire to work with the Labour Party, have major ‘red flag’ policies. But what about the Labour Party? Is there anything particularly ungodly there? The biggest issue with the British Labour Party is the same issue with the Democratic Party in the United States – socialism. The Scottish National Party is also a socialist party. In part two of this series, I included a photo showing a quote from Vladimir Lenin, who said, “The goal of socialism is communism“. You may be a strong Labour supporter, or you may support a similar party in another country, and think that to claim socialism is closely linked to communism is nonsense. So above is a photo of the British Labour Party leader (as of May 2017), Jeremy Corbyn, speaking in London on 1st May 2016 surrounded by communist symbolism. That’s not all though, if you click here you can hear how one of the top figures in the Labour Party refusing to deny he is a Marxist. “But the party with socialist values in my country isn’t like that Matthew….” – yes they are, they’re just wearing the disguise a bit better. Whether you want to admit it or not socialism and communism are two sides of the same coin.

The British Labour Party also has some other major red flags.

However I know some of you will have been brought up believing that socialism is wonderful and so that particular red flag (with hammer & sickle) will not convince you. The British Labour Party does have some other major red flags for Christians, this time concerning Israel. For example, in December 2016 the Labour Party leader was accused of attending an anti-Israel event. Then during the election campaign in May 2017 it was revealed that one of Labour’s policies is to recognise a Palestinian state, a direct quote from their manifesto says, “A Labour government will immediately recognise the state of Palestine“. If you are questioning why we shouldn’t be pro-Palestinian as Christians, I will direct you to my three part series, ‘Israel vs the Palestinians’, parts one, two and three. To put it bluntly, any country that recognises a Palestine state is falling on the wrong side of what God said in Genesis 12:3, “I will bless those who bless you, I will curse anyone who treats you with contempt” (New Living Translation). When it comes to Israel, you cannot be neutral. This policy attracts another group of people to the potential coalition – those who are against God’s chosen people of Israel.

Keep a lookout for where the ungodly people are gravitating towards.

These are just a few examples, to such you the principal that I am talking about – how ungodly people who support ungodly policies tend to flock together. So next time you vote, keep a lookout for where the ungodly people are gravitating towards. Vote with your eyes open to God’s way of doing things, with your eyes open to what God considers to be important. There are of course many different issues for against any political party or candidate, but often these are distractions from what really matters. Before you consider other matters, look for the red flags. Finally, I am sure that there are some who will accuse me of political bias in writing these articles and to some extent I am biased –  but because I have sought God on the matter. As the various parties in the UK stand in 2017, I have no doubts that a Conservative government is the best choice.  I say this not because they are perfect – certainly there are reasons not to vote for them, but from a Biblical point of view the Conservative Party tick the most Biblically positive boxes and display the fewest number of red flags. Looking at America, I would say the same thing about the Republican Party. Ultimately it is your responsibility as a Christian to vote, and to vote for whatever God’s choice is. But I will say this, in seeking God’s guidance on this, or any other matter, God will never tell you to do something that contradicts what the Bible says. So for example, God will never tell you to vote for a political party that is blatantly anti-Israel (and being pro-Palestinian is anti-Israel). “Matthew, surely you don’t have the audacity to tell me I shouldn’t vote Labour as a Christian?” Actually I do (but if you ignore me I won’t judge you). Unless the Labour Party changes it’s policy on Israel, then no, I do not believe a Christian should be voting for them. My personal opinion is that a Christian should not vote for a socialist party either. For further study see my post, ‘6 Reasons Why God Is Not A Liberal‘.

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