In some cases, they do not even know that they are an LMD.

LMDs (Life Model Decoys), a long time staple of Marvel Comics (apparently), have recently been introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe via the TV series Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. LMDs are life-like androids / robots, call them what you will, which are almost impossible to tell from the real thing. They usually resemble an actual person, have the memories of that person, and in some cases, do not even know that they are an LMD. A casual observer would not notice the difference, you could even carry on conversations and not realise that you were talking to an LMD. The concept of not knowing whether someone is real or an LMD version of themselves has made for some great story lines in the fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. 

There aren’t any androids in the Church, although….it would explain a lot!!!!

Why am I telling you this though? LMDs are a great idea for sci-fi, but how are they relevant to us as Christians? And are there really androids in the Church as the title of this post suggests? Let me answer the last question first: No, as far as I know, LMDs are not actually real and so there aren’t any androids in the Church. Although in some churches it would explain a lot!!!! The reason for me telling you about LMDs, is because I want to use them as a metaphor in this article. You see, just as LMDs resemble real people, but are not real people; there are people in the church who resemble real Christians, but who are not real Christians. This article is not about whether they are saved; that is between them & God, and provided they have met the requirements of Romans 10:9, then they are saved and will go to heaven when they die. This article is about whether they are living real Christian lives or pseudo-Christian lives.

There are different types of LMD in the Church today.

There are two main types of LMD in the Church today, and we will look at these two types so that you are able to recognise them. The first type of LMD do not actually realise that they are LMDs. They may, or may not, have received Jesus as their Lord & Saviour, but either way they think they know how Christians are supposed to act and attempt to act accordingly. They go to church on Sundays, they are well aware of all the things that they shouldn’t do, etc, etc. However they are not aware that their religious traditions have given them a powerless version of Christianity, or pseudo-Christianity. If you speak to these people, you will soon recognise that are LMDs – their version of Christianity is not the Christianity described in the Bible. Faith is a fundamental part of the true Christian life, Hebrews 11:6 says that, “it is impossible to please God without faith” and yet these people’s way of thinking is characterised by doubt and not by faith. Don’t get me wrong, these people are doing their best to live godly lives and in all likelihood they are saved, but they are missing out on a huge part of Christianity.

 In faith believe that the Bible is true.

If you speak to these people about the Bible, you will hear statements that have been programmed into them, such as:

  • “That was written to a specific person, it’s not for us”
  • “That was for the Jews, it’s not for us”
  • “What does the Bible mean by healed though?” (see my post, ‘Define ‘Healed’…….‘)
  • “I know the Bible says that but…..”
  • “I don’t believe that verse means that because…..”
  • “I believe that Jesus is the Word of God, not the Bible”

If you recognise yourself in this category I have a simple solution for you. You may not understand everything in the Bible (none of us do, we are all learning), but in faith believe that the Bible is true and read it as such. Put aside all the complicated reasons that explain why what the Bible says does not line up with people’s experience and determine that will believe, even if you do not understand. For more study on this, see my posts, ‘Isn’t It Time To Actually Believe The Bible?‘ and ‘The Bible vs Experience & Opinion‘.

They are not content with just doubting the power of God in Christianity.

The second category of LMDs have all the doubt of the first category, but they are much more aggressive about it. They are not content with just doubting the power of God in Christianity, they need to aggressively tell everyone else about it and, sometimes viciously, attack those who believe that Christians are supposed to:

Some people in this category know full well that they are LMDs (i.e. they have a deliberately malicious intent, are not saved and know they are not saved), others do not know what they are, but their actions are much the same nonetheless. Those in this category follow an agenda which has been programmed into them. The Bible refers to these people as wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their speech is categorised by religious and philosophical phrases that sound very intellectual, but are really a fancy way of explaining why they don’t believe various things that the Bible saysThe aggressive behaviour of these people towards Christians that believe the Bible as it is written, means that you could even use the androids from the Terminator movies as metaphors here. Life Model Decoys are designed to be decoys. Terminators, like LMDs, appear to be real people, but terminators are not designed as decoys. Terminators are designed to destroy.

Whole churches are full of LMDs.

A great many churches are run by people in both categories detailed above and consequently whole churches are full of LMDs who, according to 2 Timothy 3:5, “Look like they are religious but deny God’s power” (Common English Bible). If you recognise that you are in such a church, the rest of 2 Timothy 3:5 contains some very blunt advice: “Avoid people like this” or as The Living Bible puts it, “Don’t be taken in by people like that”. My post ‘What To Look For In A Church‘ can help you find the church where God wants you to be, a church where your faith will be in an environment in which it can grow and flourish. Refuse to be an Life Model Decoy, refuse to be a pseudo-Christian. It’s time to live the life that God has for you, reject dead religion and embrace true, biblical , powerful, Christianity.

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