Are we really so naive as to still be falling for this same old trick?

black-mamba-12I am shocked at the number of Christians who seem to have very little respect for the validity and authority of the Bible. It is appalling the number of Christians who think that they can pick and choose which bits they believe; whose belief in what the Bible says, depends on what the world has to say concerning morality and values, or whatever the latest thing is that scientists are saying. Isn’t it time for the Church to put everything else to one side and to actually believe the Bible, above whatever other voice is speaking anything to the contrary? As Christians, we need to remember that Satan’s original tactic in the Garden of Eden was to question whether God really said something. Are we really so naive as to still be falling for this same, six thousand year old, trick?

Choosing to ignore what the Bible has to say….is like waving the white flag of surrender at the devil.

o-white-flag-surrender-facebookIn a recent discussion on Facebook, someone said to me concerning a certain topic, “But how do we know that God really said that to Moses?” The short answer to that is: Because the Bible says so! We may not understand every part of the Bible, but that does not mean that we can just dismiss the parts we don’t understand or don’t agree with as, “probably not what God really said“. If you are going to question the validity of one part of the Bible, how can you be so confident of the validity of another part of the Bible – John 3:16, or Romans 10:10 for example? Choosing to ignore what the Bible has to say, because it doesn’t suit the beliefs that you have grown up with, is like waving the white flag of surrender at the devil. He knows that if we doubt the Bible, we have nothing to protect ourselves with when he attacks us – our sword has become blunted.

I am well aware of what science has to say.

butterflyThat is the reason why I take the Biblical account of Creation literally. What is written in the first chapters of Genesis, is not written in the form of an allegorical story; it is written as an eyewitness account (God Himself being the eyewitness) of what actually happened. You are off to a very dodgy start, if as soon as you open the Bible, you begin to dismiss the very first words that are written. I am well aware of what science has to say about evolution etc and the arguments they present to support their case, but all of that is irrelevant, because it isn’t what God (who was actually there) says happened. How can we claim that Adam & Eve were just metaphorical, when the Bible gives direct lines of descent from them to Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, King David and Jesus? To dismiss Adam & Eve as being not actually real, is to claim that the lines of descent were simply made up. There are plenty of atheists who are quick to make claims like that, Christians should not be joining them. 

God is totally fair and just whether you understand it or not.

jail630x350Then there’s issues such as homosexuality. More than three thousand years ago God instructed Moses to write, “Never have sexual intercourse with a man as with a woman. It is disgusting” (Leviticus 18:22, God’s Word Translation). In  the 1980’s, when I went to school, society’s view still pretty much agreed with the Bible. However today’s society has been ‘educated‘ (the question is, of course, by whom?), today’s society is apparently more ‘enlightened’. more politically correct. Society today is much more accepting of homosexuals, and the argument, is that surely as Christians, we need to adapt and be more accepting too. But whilst people claim to be more enlightened, the truth is, that a society that views what God has said in the Bible as bigoted, homophobic, intolerant, unloving or whatever, is a society that has slipped further into darkness – the complete opposite of being enlightened. One so-called Christian even made this comment to me, “I’m sickened be the things I have read that have come from you” – things that had come directly from the Word of God. So apparently some Christians are sickened by much of the Bible and they call that being educated! NEWSFLASH!!!!!! It does not matter what your opinion is, it does not matter whether it seems fair to you, all that matters is what God has said. God is totally fair and just whether you understand it or not, whether society agrees with Him or not. Furthermore, God is both willing and able to set someone free from homosexuality (or from smoking, alcohol, or whatever else). The answer for a person identifying as homosexual who becomes a Christian is not to then remain celibate. The answer is to seek God for deliverance of the mindset with which Satan has kept them bound – God is saying, “You do not have to stay bound, I will give you the key“. 

Why is it so difficult to just believe what the Bible says?

how-did-noah-fit-all-the-animals-in-the-arkOr how about the issue of healing? The Bible contains many verses about healing, none of which indicate that God chooses who gets healed and who doesn’t. With respect, it does not make any difference about your Christian auntie who has suffered her whole life from some form of sickness. Stop looking at the evidence presented to you by your auntie (or whoever it is) and believe what the Bible actually says. We are not supposed to weigh up the evidence for and against what God has said, we are just supposed to believe it. What about Noah’s flood, do you believe in that? “Well yes and no…..I don’t really believe that it was actually a worldwide flood?WHY NOT?!?!?!? Why is it so difficult to just believe what the Bible says?  

You do not need a degree in theology to understand the Bible.

I’m sure that you could give me what you think are good reasons why you don’t think certain parts of the Bible mean what they say, but instead of doing that, why don’t you make a decision to start believing that if God said something He meant it. You do not need a degree in theology to understand the Bible, all you need is to be born again. That is when the light comes on, that is when the veil is lifted – provided you allow God to speak to you. You need to learn listen to God and ignore world’s contradictory, circumstantial evidence which if listened, can blind you to the truth. It is when you decide to believe the Bible, regardless of what anyone else says, that you start seeing the results in your life that the Bible promises.

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