I command you to work perfectly.

tombstonesIf you stub your toe on something and feel significant pain, what is your reaction? “Ow, I’m sure I must have broken my toe“? Or do you grit your teeth and say “By Jesus’ stripes I am healed”? If you feel a pain in your chest, do you say, “This is just what happened to my father, my grandfather and my great grandfather and within six months they were all dead from heart attacks. They were about my age too……“? Or do you say, “Heart, I command you to work perfectly. I speak shalom (nothing missing, nothing broken) over my entire body in the name of Jesus“? How about if you are faced with an unexpected bill that you don’t have the finances for? Do you express defeat and say, “Well I guess I won’t be tithing this month, but even then I still won’t have enough…….“? Or do you declare by faith, “My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus“?

They reveal what you truly believe.

When a negative circumstance arises in your life, the first words that you speak are extremely important. There is a particular power in the first words that you speak, because those first words reveal what is in your heart. They reveal what you truly believe. Which is why it is important to read your Bible daily and spend as much time as possible listening to or reading faith filled teaching. If you do this, whenever anything negative happens, the first thing out of your mouth will be words of faith. Luke 6:45 in the Contemporary English Version says, “Your words show what is in your heart“. Of course you may not be at the level yet where faith is your first reaction, and if that is the case, Psalm 141:3 has the answer: “Lord, help me control what I say. Don’t let me say anything bad“. Make it your prayer.

Never allow negative circumstances to defeat you.

The devil wants your first words to be words of feeling discouraged, He knows that the first words that you speak are either going to agree with the circumstance and establish it (which is what he wants), or they will agree with the Word of God and cause the circumstances to change. Your toe may well be broken, but if you start declaring it your toe will stay broken. However if you speak healing consistently that can change. You may well not have enough money in your account to pay the bills, but if you put your faith in what God has promised, your needs will be met. Never allow negative circumstances to defeat you. Whatever happens, do not speak words of negativity or defeat. Instead allow faith to rise up in your heart and to boldly come out of your mouth. Start speaking and acting like the conqueror like you  are supposed to be. Did Julius Caesar say, “I came, I saw, I got a bit discouraged and went home“? No, of course he didn’t. The only way you are going to be defeated in a situation, is if you accept defeat. But if you refuse to do so, you will emerge victorious every single time. So make a determination to monitor the words that come out of your mouth and a determination to fill your heart with faith.

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