DSC00789.JPGIf we are to fully grasp the significance of the Christmas story, we must understand that when Jesus came to Earth as a baby he was fully human. Jesus was not half human and half divine, Jesus was 100% human; whilst at the same time He was also still 100% God. Skeptics will scoff at this concept and say that its impossible to be 100% one thing and also 100% another thing, but it is a divine mystery which we believe through faith, even if our minds cannot logically comprehend it. We must also understand that Jesus put aside His divinity during His time on Earth. If we fail to understand this, then the life that Jesus lived, the example that He set, will seem to be impossible to emulate. We will wonder how we could possibly come anywhere near the example set by the Son of God? It appears to be simply not doable, and if that is our belief we will not make the effort required to emulate Jesus, because we see it as an impossibility. The truth is that when Mary gave birth in Bethlehem (and in fact even before that, from the moment of conception) Jesus was not just EmmanuelGod with us, Jesus was us.

If Jesus was able to walk in love, we too can walk in love.

All of this is good news, because it means that:

  • If Jesus was ability to resist temptation, we too are able to resist temptation
  • If Jesus was able to walk in love, we too can walk in love
  • If Jesus was able to heal the sick, we too can heal the sick
  • If Jesus was able to perform miracles, we too can perform miracles
  • etc, etc.

It also means that:

  • If Jesus needed to study the Word, we need to study the Word
  • If Jesus needed to spend time with God in prayer, we need to spend time with God in prayer
  • If Jesus needed the power of the Holy Spirit, we need the power of the Holy Spirit
  • etc, etc.

God does not perform on demand.

Manger.JPGI can hear the answer of the skeptic, “Well if you can walk on water, prove it! If you can raise the dead, prove it! If you can restore a missing limb, prove it!” But God does not perform on demand, neither does He call us to perform on demand. God doesn’t allow miracles to be done through us, just to prove to the skeptics that He is real. If God wanted to give undeniable proof to all of Mankind, He could. But that is not how God does things. The Bible says that it is impossible to please God without faith and so God requires us to believe in Him through faith, not because of undeniable proof. When we make that step of faith though, the evidence for God becomes much clearer and the Bible comes alive in a way that it cannot for non-Christians. As we grow as a Christian in our walk with God, we no longer require so-called ‘proof’ that God is real, because we know that He is real – something which cannot be understood or explained, it has to be experienced.

Jesus walked in the perfect will of God.

The truth about things like walking on water, raising the dead or any of the other things that Jesus did, is that we can do whatever God requires us to do. Jesus did not just randomly decide to walk on the water one day, rather than use a boat. No, Jesus walked on water, because God the Father told Him to walk on water. Jesus did not raise Lazarus from the dead because Lazarus, Mary & Martha were His friends. In fact Jesus had to resist His natural impulse to rush to the scene ASAP, because God told Him to wait. Jesus spoke the words to raise Lazarus from the dead, because God told to speak those words, and He did it at the time that God told Him to do it. Jesus walked in the perfect will of God, Jesus carried out God’s will at all times. Despite what religious tradition teaches, Jesus made it very clear that He could not operate independently of God the Father. Not that He would not, but that He could not. Jesus words in John 5:19 do not allow for any misunderstanding, “I’m telling you this straight. The Son can’t independently do a thing, only what he sees the Father doing” (The Message).

God has provided the answer.

Whatever situation you are in today, God understands. But more than just understanding and offering you moral support, God has provided the answer. Because of the events leading up to the cross, through to Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, the answer to every problem that you could ever face has made available to you. The answer will either be found in God’s Word, and / or by listening to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Feel sick? The answer has been provided? Got a bad report from the doctor? The answer has been provided. In financial difficulty? The answer has been provided. Struggling with depression? The answer has been provided. Worried that your children are not walking with God? The answer has been provided. Jesus came here as a baby, but Jesus did not stay as a baby. Jesus grew up and became the answer to all our problems.

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If you have never received Jesus as your Lord & Saviour, if you have gone away from God, or if you have any doubts regarding your salvation. I encourage you to click on the link below. Clicking on the link will not secure your salvation, but praying the prayer you find, from your heart, will.

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