The details of what an abortion actually involves have been glossed over.

slide_395566_4854518_freeFor years, women who believe in abortion have argued about their right to choose. They have argued that it is their bodies and therefore their choice. This is not really correct however, as a baby is a different person altogether, with its own body. But for now, let’s go with the whole ‘right to choose’ argument. Surely when making a choice of any kind you should be aware of what the different options would entail. This is where the problem comes in, because women have not been given the information needed to make an informed choice. The details of what an abortion actually involves have been glossed over. A quick Google search in the UK brought up this typically vague description of the abortion procedure: “Surgical abortion involves a local or general anaesthetic and/or sedation, and a minor operation to remove the pregnancy tissue“. Just in case you hadn’t figured it out ‘pregnancy tissue’ is a nice, less upsetting way, of saying ‘baby’. 

Reserve your judgment until you have read on.

Because of all this vagueness about abortion, women make the decision to end their pregnancies with the misinformed view that the procedure will be something akin to waving a magic wand over their stomach and the baby (or ‘pregnancy tissue‘) disappearing. Sure, that is an oversimplification which some will take offence at, but it is not far removed from the truth of the ignorance involved. I say ignorance, because any woman who has an abortion, knowing full well what is involved, is nothing more than a heartless killer. Yes I realise that those are tough, uncompromising words, but reserve your judgment until you have read on. I am not writing this post for those women who genuinely do not care, I am writing it with a view to those women (and men) who, if they knew the horrors of abortion, would be totally opposed to it. Oh and in case you were thinking of using the “Oh but its OK because a fetus can’t feel pain” argument, actually they can – as this link shows. 

A relatively simply procedure involving taking some tablets.

shutterstock_198474176-998x666There are a number of different abortion procedures and we will look briefly at what those involve. The information below was taken from which you can look up for yourself if you so desire. The first method, is the one used during the first eight weeks of pregnancy and it is known as a ‘medical abortion’. The medical websites make it sound like a relatively simple procedure involving taking some tablets. But the truth is far from pleasant: The drug involved works by stopping the uterine lining from providing food, fluid and oxygen to the tiny developing baby. As a result the baby dies, a second drug is then given that stimulates the uterus to contract and the baby is expelled. This method can last for over a week. Then, when the woman finally does abort, she will expel a tiny dead human being – her baby.

After World War II people were horrified by the atrocities carried out by the Nazis.

a1101e87f7cf92efaf8c5cee50fef50eThe second method is known as ‘suction-aspiration’. This involves the abortionist inserting a hollow plastic tube with a knife-like edge into the uterus. The suction tears the baby’s body into pieces. The placenta is cut from the uterine wall and everything is sucked into a bottle. After World War II people were horrified by the atrocities carried out by the Nazis in the concentration camps, and yet today equally horrific atrocities are performed with the full support of the law in the very countries who fought against the evils of Nazi Germany, and women are actively encouraged to subject their babies to those horrors. Think I’m going too far with the Nazi comparison? Keep reading!

The blood of millions of babies cries out.

The third method of abortion is known as ‘dilation and curettage’ or ‘D & C’. In this method a loop-shaped steel knife is inserted into the uterus. The baby and placenta are cut into pieces and scraped out into a basin. Bleeding is usually very heavy with this method. Read that again, and then dare to tell me that I went too far with the Nazi comparison. Maybe (or probably) most women are ignorant of what’s involved, maybe our governments are ignorant of what’s involved, but what is the excuse of the medical staff who actually know what is involved? How can they live their lives with the blood of so many innocents on their hands? The excuse of “I was just following orders” or “I was just doing my job” did not wash in the trials after World War II and it shouldn’t wash now. The blood of millions of babies cries out concerning the serial killer abortionist and their staff, “You knew exactly what you were doing“.

…..finally the skull is crushed…….

The fourth abortion method is known as ‘dilation and evacuation’ or ‘D & E’ and is as equally horrific, if not more horrific, than the one just described. This method is done after the third month of pregnancy and this time a pliers-like instrument is inserted through the cervix into the uterus. The abortionist then seizes a leg, arm or other part of the baby and, with a twisting motion, tears it from the body. This continues until only the head remains (how can this possibly be legal?). Finally the skull is crushed and pulled out. The nurse must then reassemble the body parts to be sure that all of them were removed. There are two more methods which you can view on the website above, the final one of which is so terrible that the evil involved almost defies belief. However, I think I have given you enough information to make my point, that any woman or man with even just an ounce of compassion cannot possibly support the evil, murderous, horrific, barbaric practice of abortion. 

There has been debate over exactly when life begins.

I will conclude this post by quoting Jeremiah 1:5 from the New Living Translation: “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart“. There has been debate over exactly when life begins, with some insisting on conception and others stating other stages of a baby’s development. But God says that our lives began BEFORE our mothers were even pregnant! In this verse God was speaking to Jeremiah the prophet; how many prophets, how may potential great men & women of God do you think have been murdered in the womb? As Christians we need to recognise Satan’s tactics in promoting abortion. It is the same tactic he used with the Hebrew babies born at the same time as Moses and the babies born in Bethlehem at the same time as Jesus. The reason that the evils of Nazi Germany and the evil of abortion clinics in the US, the UK and other Western countries are so similar, is because it is the same devil that is behind it. So stop sticking your head in the sand where abortion is concerned, stop thinking that you might offend or upset someone if you say what you really think. It is important to speak the truth in love, but that does not mean that when the truth may cause upset we should keep silent.

Finally I am not writing this post to condemn anybody who has had an abortion. There is forgiveness in Jesus. But everyone needs to know the truth, because the truth is abortion should never have been made legal.

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