How would you feel if you had a friend that hardly ever talked to you? They wouldn’t be much of a friend would they? Well in John 15:15, Jesus said they He has called us His friends, so start talking to Him as if you actually believed that. Of course friendships work both ways, and Jesus is already speaking to you – but are you listening?

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talkingwithjesusHow  do you get used to talking to God and actually have Him answer you?  I get this question a lot.  To live in the miraculous and supernatural we have to get used to living outside the box of years and years of what is thought of as  “normal” behavior .  We need to embrace the fact that a relationship with God is supernatural.  How can we judge our walk with God according to other believers’ reactions and beliefs?

We each will have to walk our own walk.

My first reaction is, who really cares whether people think you are weird or not.  If you are hearing from God then that Is all that matters, right?

But then we do want to be the light of the world, and the salt of the earth.

His light in us dispels darkness as we move among the people.  They are drawn to…

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