Personally I do not like complaining.

complaints-vs-compliments-gratitude-service-singapore-service-academy-350x362Have you have complained about bad service that you received? If, like me, you’re English – then probably not, or at least hardly ever! But if you are from a different country you likely know all about complaining about bad service. Personally I do not like complaining in this way, admittedly partly because I am English and it totally goes against the grain. But also I can see that getting to the point where you actually complain about something, usually involves a sense of anger, which steals your peace. You may feel totally justified, you may actually be totally justified, but it really doesn’t matter.

It is far more important to maintain that inner sense of peace, than it is to vent your anger in the form of a complaint – whether it be an official complaint, or just moaning to whoever will listen to you (which seems to be what many people like to do). Proverbs 4:23 tells us the importance of protecting our hearts, “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life“. No matter how badly you feel you have been treated, do not allow what happened to get down inside you – protect your heart. Roll the care of the situation over onto God and receive the peace that passes all understanding. Only if God tells you to act, should you act!

What is that should be making you angry?

Having said all that, there are certain things which should make you angry enough to refuse to put with it. “Really Matthew? That’s great, because I did not get what I paid for…….“. Hold on, keep your peace, I’m not talking about those sort of situations! I’m not even remotely talking about getting angry at other people or companies. Ephesians 6:12 in the New Life Version makes it clear that our fight is not with other people, “Our fight is not with people. It is against the leaders and the powers and the spirits of darkness in this world. It is against the demon world that works in the heavens“. So what is that should be making you angry then, if it’s not the things done by other people? Well, how about all the things which you have seen written as promises in God’s Word, but which you have not yet seen come to pass in your own life? If something has been promised to you, but you haven’t got it, isn’t that something you should be getting angry about?

It is absolutely not God that you should be angry at.

Now let’s be clear, it is absolutely not God that you should be angry at. He wants you to have everything that He has promised to you, and unless you are one of those people who like to explain away why God’s promises don’t really mean what they appear to say, you want to have everything that God has promised to you too – I know I do! So what’s the issue? What is stopping us from receiving what we have been promised? Take a wild guess! That’s right, it’s the devil. Not that he has any right or authority to stop your promises from coming to pass, but if you allow him to hinder you, then he will. There are certain things which you may be doing that could be hindering God’s promises from coming to pass, such as not being obedient to God, not walking in love, holding onto unforgiveness, etc. But if you are not aware of any such issues, it is likely that the devil or his cohorts are behind the delay in receiving what God has promised to you and that is why you should be angry.

As Christians, we are not supposed to be spiritual pacifists.

to-the-deathIn my post, ‘Take It By Force!‘, I wrote about taking what is rightfully yours by force. I spoke of how Duke William of Normandy had been promised that he would be the King of England, but that when the previous king, King Edward, died in January 1066 Duke William was not just handed the crown. Instead Harold Godwinson, King Edward’s brother-in-law, claimed the crown for himself and William had to take what he had been promised by force. In modern warfare, much of the fighting can be done from a distance using drones, guided missiles, aerial attacks etc. The need for hand to hand combat may still be present, but it is vastly reduced. In the time of Duke William, who later became known as William the Conqueror, things were very different. Other than archers, who could fire arrows from at least some distance, the majority of fighting was at close quarters, eyeball to eyeball. Fighting in this type of way involves, I would imagine, a certain amount of anger and if not anger, then certainly adrenaline. Which is exactly what we need as Christians, we are not supposed to be spiritual pacifists.

It is time for you to be a conqueror.

I wrote before of how, like Duke William, we need to take what we have been promised by force; but for us it involves using prayer and not the sword. Let me add that doing this requires you to inject a certain amount of zeal, a certain about of righteous anger, a certain amount of passion into your prayers. But let me give you some other reasons to get angry with the devil: Are you poor (relatively speaking)? Well you shouldn’t be! You should have enough to be able to give without thinking twice about it. Are you sick? Well you shouldn’t be! Jesus has already suffered for your healing, so why are you still sick? The devil is hindering your God-given future from coming to pass, the devil is trying to get you to receive sickness, when Jesus has already provided for your healing. It is time to get angry with the devil and attack him with prayer. Like William, it is time for you to be a conqueror, so keep going until you secure the victory in every area. Let this shout be yours:

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