You do not have to prosper.

Many Christians are against prosperity, and if that’s you then I have some good news for you: You do not have to prosper, blocking prosperity is actually very, very easy. So easy in fact, that you are probably already doing it. Let’s take a look at some very simple things that you can do, that will absolutely guarantee that you will not prosper. On the contrary, there will be little to distinguish you financially and health-wise from those in the world. Let’s begin with an anti-prosperity method that is totally fail-proof: Don’t tithe and only give small amounts (if any). 

Any blessings associated with tithing and giving of offerings are spiritual.

tithingIt may be though, that you do believe in tithing. Maybe you understand that it is God’s way to provide for individual churches and you want to be able to help your church. Of course you also believe that any blessings associated with tithing and giving of offerings are spiritual, you certainly would never have the audacity to expect any financial blessing to come from your giving. The problem is that Jesus said in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom “. If you don’t watch out, when you tithe and give, you will begin to prosper even if you are against prosperity – and that wouldn’t look too good would it?!?! Don’t panic though, you can easily put a stop to that prosperity.

Agree with people who think that the rich should be taxed at a much higher percentage rate.

3959381366_5a2dbc93ed_oIf you want to tithe and give, but you don’t want to prosper, all you have to do is to speak against people who are prospering. Let’s start with non-Christians – talk about how arrogant and proud they are; complain about how they don’t deserve so much money. If you want easy targets, how about football (soccer) players and movie stars? Agree with people who think that the rich should be taxed at a much higher percentage rate then everyone else (don’t let the fact that this type of tax system has absolutely no biblical basis bother you). To simplify things, just generally find fault with people with more money than you, here’s an example:

Mr Lineker is employed by the BBC which, as you probably know, is primarily a television broadcaster; what the BBC isn’t, is a health care provider! If Mr Lineker was paid a lower salary, the money saved would not be spent on nurses – because the BBC doesn’t employ nurses. This is a typical example of judging people with more money than you, and I can guarantee you that if you do that, you will not prosper

Finding fault is easy, what with their big houses, expensive cars, jets etc.

Oh, and then there’s the prosperous Christians – prosperity preachers, and those that actually believe in material blessings. Finding fault is easy, what with their big houses, expensive cars, jets etc. Don’t pay any attention to the fact that those things are probably a blessing from God, just focus on that the fact that they don’t need them – and more importantly, you don’t have them. Ignore the fact that prosperity preachers are travelling the world preaching the gospel, ignore the fact that any Christian who is prosperous is able to give far more to the work of the gospel, and to those in need, than Christians who are barely making it themselves. Ignore the fact that Abraham, who is called the father of faith, was very wealthy. Yes, blocking prosperity from coming into your own life is extremely easy!

On the other hand, maybe you realise that prosperity is actually not a bad thing. If that’s the case, then firstly make sure that you are tithing and giving regularly. Secondly, when you give, believe for a harvest on your giving; and finally, never speak against those that have more money than you – whether they be Christian or non-Christian.

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