Haven’t I been here before?

maze.JPGSometimes the route through life can feel like a maze and we don’t know which way to go. You take turn after turn, decision after decision, and then you think: “Haven’t I been here before?”. There are many books that you can buy, seminars you can attend etc. that offer to guide you through the maze of life. But none of these methods can guarantee you success. My family and I recently visited Longleat in England, which in 1966 became the first safari park outside of Africa. As well as the safari park, Longleat Estate also includes what was once the world’s, and is still the UK’s, largest hedge maze. One ‘rule’ that I have heard in the past to successfully negotiate a maze, is to always follow the left hand (or the right hand) hedge. This method should ensure you visit every part of the maze. But if you try this method in Longleat maze, just like much of the world’s advice and guidance, it will utterly fail.

We try different ways of doing things, but keep coming back to the same place.

025We allowed our children to lead for much of the maze and after a while of getting to the same places via different routes, we found our way to the centre of the maze and then found our way out of the maze. There may after been some logic in the routes that my children chose, but probably it was as much a case of keeping going and finding the right way eventually. Isn’t that often the way with life? We get lost, the world’s advice doesn’t work, we try different ways of doing things, but keep coming back to the same place. Then eventually, through sheer persistence, we find our way out of whatever situation we were in. Or maybe we don’t; maybe we keep going, doggedly determined to find our own way, but instead we end up back at the very beginning again. 

Is there a method of help that is guaranteed to point us in the right direction?

longleat-hedge-maze-625255b225255dScattered throughout Longleat maze there are ‘Lift If Lost’ flaps, which will guide you out of the maze. I forbade my family from touching these, as finding your own way is all part of the fun of negotiating a maze. However in life, attempting to find your own way is usually far less fun and ‘Lift If Lost’ flaps would prove extremely helpful. But is there such a thing? Is there a method of help that is guaranteed to point us in the right direction and not just offer us advice that doesn’t always work? The answer is yes. Your Bible is your ‘Lift If Lost’ flap – although don’t wait until you think you’re lost before you start using it. The Bible has the answer for every single situation in life, if you will take the time to search for it, and when you find it, to act on it. You also have the Holy Spirit to guide you. If you require wisdom for a particular situation, all you have to do is to ask.

God is not a liar.

Our journey through life doesn’t have to be done by guesswork plus trial and error. God has given us a detailed instruction book to safely guide us through and to bless us abundantly. The best advice that I can give you concerning reading your Bible, is to take it seriously. Some of the promises God makes in the Bible sound too good to be true, but don’t dismiss them or try to explain them away – God is not a liar. Also God’s ways of doing things often don’t make sense to the natural mind, but learn to trust God and obey Him – don’t you think He knows best? Read your Bible and pray on a daily basis and expect God to speak to you. Stop stumbling around in the maze of life and start getting to the places where you are supposed to be. 

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If you have never received Jesus as your Lord & Saviour, if you have gone away from God, or if you have any doubts regarding your salvation. I encourage you to click on the link below. Clicking on the link will not secure your salvation, but praying the prayer you find, from your heart, will.

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