You may wonder why, if you have been redeemed from the curse, you can recognise so many of its symptoms in your life.

Galatians 3:13 says, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law“. If however, you asked the average Christian what exactly that means, they would probably reply, “Um, I think it means that we won’t go to hell“. Which is true, but it is far from being the whole truth. So how do we find out what it is we have been redeemed from? Written DownEasy – we just need to read about the curse of the law in Deuteronomy 28, where it is conveniently written down for us. Actually the Curse (and the Blessing) existed before the law, the law just explained it. The long description of the curse of the law begins in verse 15 of Deuteronomy 28 and it can be quite depressing reading,if you do not connect this passage with Galatians 3:13. That all changes though, when you realise that this is not meant to be a list of bad things that could happen to us, it’s a list of bad things that have no right in our lives, if we will stand against them and refuse to receive what Christ has redeemed us from. As you read through what I have written, you may wonder why, if you have been redeemed from the curse, you can recognise so many of its symptoms in your life. The answer is that unless you do something about it, Satan will put as many of the symptoms of the curse on you as he can get away with. A simple way to explain this is that in most (if not all) countries there is a law that says that you cannot steal, but people still steal – until the police do something about it. It’s the same with Satan, he will do whatever he can get away with doing and many Christians do not put much restriction on him.

You need to know exactly what you have been redeemed from.

1425_3So read through this post and also read through and meditate on Deuteronomy 28:15-68, and get informed. Reading this passage in more than one version of the Bible will be beneficial to you. Contrary to popular opinion, ignorance is not bliss; in fact, ignorance is very dangerous – Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge“. You need to know exactly what you have been redeemed from, so that you can actively stand against it and refuse to allow it in your life. Instead of doing things the world’s way, start finding out how to do things God’s way. Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law – so stop submitting to the curse. Put into practice the words of James 4:7, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you“.

We can live under the Blessing, protected from the Curse.

Now, before we begin this study, I want to clarify that God is not sending sickness and disease. Exodus 15:26 states, “I am the Lord that healeth thee“, He is not the Lord that makes you sick. The curse came upon the Earth through Adam’s sin and like the Israelites, we can live under the Blessing, protected from the curse. Or we can choose to ignore God’s way of doing things, move out from under His hand of protection and subject ourselves needlessly to the curse. There has been much discussion and confusion about the verses in Deuteronomy 28 that begin, “The Lord shall send…“, “The Lord shall make…“, “The Lord shall smite…”. But rather than get into discussion as to why these verses were written or translated the way that they were, I will give you a verse that proves that God will not get angry and send something bad upon you. Isaiah 54:9 in the Contemporary English Version says, “I once promised Noah that I would never again destroy the earth by a flood. Now I have promised that will never again get angry and punish you“. So regardless of how you view these verses’ meaning to their original recipients (the children of Israel), you can rest assured that God is never going to use the curse to punish you or to teach you something.

Living a tough life, is to live your life under the effects of the curse.

For this study we will be using The Living Bible, unless stated otherwise, starting at verses 16-19 of Deuteronomy 28:

16108955_401If you won’t listen to the Lord your God and won’t obey these laws I am giving you today, then all of these curses shall come upon you: curses in the city, curses in the fields, curses on your fruit and bread, the curse of barren wombs, curses upon your crops, curses upon the fertility of your cattle and flocks, curses when you come in, curses when you go out“.

If everything you do seems to go wrong, if bad things seem to follow you around, if you think that you’re really unlucky (or even if its not that bad, but you can still relate); let me tell you: it’s not bad luck that you are experiencing – it’s the effects of the curse. Barren wombs are also mentioned here, so if you have been unable to have children – that’s the curse too. Let’s continue with verses 20-24:

israel-wastelandYou will be confused and a failure in everything you do…..He will send tuberculosis, fever, infections, plague, and war. He will blight your crops, covering them with mildew. All these devastations shall pursue you until you perish. The heavens above you will be as unyielding as bronze, and the earth beneath will be as iron. The land will become as dry as dust for lack of rain, and dust storms shall destroy you.

Does life seem tough to you? If it does that is not the life that you are supposed to be living. Living a tough life, is to live your life under the effects of the curse. It is a life that God never intended you to live. People are supposed to look at us and see a difference and that difference is supposed to be that the bad things that they are experiencing, never seem to take root in our lives. It is not supposed to be about how we usually have a smile on our faces, despite having the exact same problems as them.

We will continue this study in the next post. If you have any further questions or thoughts, please feel free to leave a comment.

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