What is the missing ingredient? What is it that will bring God’s promises to fruition in our lives?

This post is for Christians who believe in Biblical prosperity, for those who accept that God has promised to bless us with material things, as well as spiritual things (you don’t have to choose one or the other). It is aimed at those who understand and act upon the principles of tithing and giving, and yet, thus far, have not seen the results, or  harvest, that they fully believe that God has promised to them. So what is the missing ingredient? What is it that will bring God’s promises of abundance to fruition in our lives? Some preachers will tell you that you need to give a special gift to receive your breakthrough, “Give your gift of £777, and your breakthrough will come in 7 days“. This type of message is one of the things that gives the teaching of prosperity a bad name, we should always be led by the Holy Spirit in what we give. Never give under pressure, give as much, or as little, as God directs you to give. So if you are already following God’s leading in your giving, this is not the missing ingredient.

The Bible makes it clear that toiling is under the curse.

toilCould hard work (or harder work) be the missing ingredient? Although there is not one clear definition of ‘The American Dream‘, for many people it means that you can become wealthy and achieve anything if you work hard enough – otherwise known as ‘from rags to riches’. However this does not agree with Proverbs 10:22, “The blessing of the Lord—it makes [truly] rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it]” (Amplified Bible). In fact, the Bible makes it clear that toiling (working so hard that you are worn out, or working so much that you have little time for anything else) is under the curse. When God informed Adam that because of his sin a curse had come upon the earth, toiling was the aspect of the curse that God clearly spelled out to him:

Because you have listened and given heed to the voice of your wife and have eaten of the tree of which I commanded you, saying, You shall not eat of it, the ground is under a curse because of you; in sorrow and toil shall you eat [of the fruits] of it all the days of your life. Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth for you, and you shall eat the plants of the field. In the sweat of your face shall you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you shall return” (Genesis 3:17-19, Amplified Bible).

The account in Luke 5 of Peter’s net-breaking catch of fish, demonstrates the difference between God’s way and the world’s way. The disciples had toiled all night (the world’s way) and yet had caught nothing. Jesus then told them to cast the nets from the  opposite side of the boat and they caught so many fish that the boats were heavily weighed down. God’s way did not require toil, the disciples simply needed to obey and haul the nets in. So we can rule working harder out as the missing ingredient.

It is important to be obedient, even when what God says seems to make no sense.

A Norman  baron pledging fealty to King William

Have you added obedience to the mix? Now, you may think that you have, but are you sure? Obedience means doing what God tells you to do, whether it be through His written Word, or through the Holy Spirit speaking to you. You may need to do something specific, which is where obeying what the Holy Spirit says, comes in. It is important to be obedient, even when what God says seems to make no sense. The Israelites probably wondered how marching round Jericho multiple times was going to help them take the city, but nevertheless they were obedient and because they were obedient, they got results. Another example is in Genesis 26 where God told Isaac to sow in the midst of a famine, which in the natural seems crazy. Despite how crazy ot seemed, Isaac obeyed and therefore received a hundredfold harvest. Obedience is absolutely vital! I recently went to a reenactment event put on by English Heritage at the ruins of a castle know as Old Sarum, which was built by William I (William the Conqueror) of England. During the event, King William addressed his barons. The barons were allowed to speak freely and express what they thought, but ultimately King William required fealty (basically an oath of loyalty and obedience) from them. This is a picture of what God desires from us, we are free to express to God the things we are unsure of. You can see examples of this throughout the Psalms, where David frequently questioned what was going on – but as you read the psalms that David always wrote, you will notice that David always returned to his loyalty to, and trust in, God. We must do the same: our loyalty and obedience to God must be absolute.

What does God require of us?

What about obedience to what God has said in the Bible? We are not required to obey the Jewish law, but what does God require of us? The primary written command that we are required to obey, is to walk in love. Romans 13:9-10 in the Living Bible explains that walking in love, fulfills the law. It says, “If you love your neighbor as much as you love yourself you will not want to harm or cheat him, or kill him or steal from him. And you won’t sin with his wife or want what is his, or do anything else the Ten Commandments say is wrong. All ten are wrapped up in this one, to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Love does no wrong to anyone. That’s why it fully satisfies all of God’s requirements. It is the only law you need“.

Satan is already a defeated foe, he has no power over us.

Walking in love is where we need to be particularly diligent, because it is an area in which Satan is particularly diligent to have us fail in. Satan knows that “faith works by love” (Galatians 5:6) and so he works hard to make sure that we do not walk in love. However, we are more than conquerors and Satan is already a defeated foe who has no power over us – other than what we allow him to have. Practice walking in love in every part of your life and be quick to repent if you slip up. When you couple obedience to God’s Word, with obedience to the Holy Spirit you will have all of the ingredients that you need.

Cooking a cake does not happen instantly – it takes time, there is a need to be patient.

It is possible that you may already have all the ingredients in place and that what you require is actually patience, Hebrews 6:12 tells us that through “faith and patience” we inherit the promises. Cooking a cake does not happen instantly – it takes time, there is a need to be patient and the same is usually true for receiving a harvest on what we sow. There are times when things do happen instantly, such as the account of the loaves and fishes,  but we should always be prepared to exercise patience. If things do happen instantly, then great, if not our faith will not be shaken. Finally, there is one ingredient that you simply cannot do without. An ingredient that needs to be added while the cake is baking (the metaphor is getting a bit shaky at this point!!!) and yet the natural inclination is to add it to the cake once it’s ready. It’s an ingredient that is easily overlooked. The final ingredient is an attitude of gratitude. Whether you are seeing what you are believing for come to pass or not should not give you a bad attitude. Train yourself to naturally be grateful for everything.


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