Very often Christians attempt to answer these questions in a way that (they hope) will give the person some comfort.

When my article, ‘Why Do Good Christians Die Young?‘ was shared on Facebook, it produced what for many is a very difficult question to answer and to reconcile with our belief that God is a God of Love: “Why are some perfect babies stillborn?” In the same vein, you could also ask why miscarriages happen. Very often Christians either avoid questions like this, or they attempt to answer these questions in a way that (they hope) will give the person some comfort, by theorising that it’s all part of some great plan of God, that we couldn’t possible understand. They will say that God is good and we just need to trust that He knows what He’s doing. Frankly, although well meaning, this is total nonsense and has no Biblical basis. Let’s be honest, to a non-Christian who is not trying to see the goodness of God in everything, this sounds a lot like saying that sometimes, for His own purposes, God selfishly takes a child away from its parents. The reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. 

That a child is born in sin, does not make them a sinner from birth.

Before I continue looking at the Biblical answer to these questions, I realise that some of you who are reading this, may have personally experienced the pain of losing a child in this way. Although there is no Bible verse that specifically says that all babies go to heaven if they die, the evidence certainly supports this. Ezekiel 18:20 states, “The soul who sins shall die” (English Standard Version). In other words, an individual will be condemned for their own sins, not for the sins of others – including the sins of Adam. It is true that we are born in sin, but that a child is born in sin, does not make them a sinner from birth. It means that they have inherited a sinful nature, which sooner or later will bear fruit. Therefore, until a child reaches what is often referred to as, ‘the age of understanding’ (when they know that what they are doing is wrong), they are considered to be innocent and so would automatically go to heaven if they died.

I would advise against being too cynical.

Isaiah 59:2 says, “It’s your sins that have cut you off from God” (New Living Translation). As a baby cannot sin, it has not yet been separated, or cut off, from God. There have been accounts of people who have visited heaven and met children that had been miscarried, one such account can be found in the book (or the movie), ‘Heaven Is For Real’. This is the true story of a little boy who went to heaven whilst he was seriously ill in hospital. He returned with details and amazing information that a little boy could not just make up. The young boy’s account includes the subject of miscarriage in a way that will bring comfort to parents who have experienced it. As this is not a Biblical account, you can choose to disbelief it if you wish, but personally I would advise against being too cynical.

You may wonder why God hasn’t done something about this.

Getting back now to the question as to why some babies are miscarried or stillborn, we need to go back to the Garden of Eden. Through Adam’s sin of eating the fruit that he knew full well he should not eat (“Adam was not tricked“, 1 Timothy 2:14 – New Century Version), the curse was released upon the earth and has been here ever since. Miscarriage and stillbirth are both aspects of the curse. You may wonder why God hasn’t done something about this – well He has! God sent Jesus to the Earth to deal with the curse, Galatians 3:13 tells us that, “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law“. Furthermore, not suffering from miscarriage or stillbirth are part of the blessing that God originally promised to the children of Israel, and which we now have an equal right to through Jesus Christ (Galatians 3:29). This is how the International Children’s Bible translates the wonderful promise that is found in Exodus 23:26, “None of your women will have her baby die before it is born“.

He (the devil) encourages us to rationalise the parts that seem ‘too good to be true’.

Of course for many Christians, when they read a verse like this (or a verse about any other promise of God) the response is more often than not, “Well yes….but I know so-and -so, who had a miscarriage….” (or whatever the promise in question is about). One of the devil’s primary tactics is to get us to disbelieve what God has said. He won’t outright call God a liar – he knows that as Christians we would never accept that – but he certainly doesn’t want us taking the Bible at face value, and so he encourages us to rationalise the parts that seem ‘too good to be true’. The truth is that any Christian who reads Exodus 23:26 can claim this promise for themselves and fully expect God to fulfill it. However, and this is very important to understand, it does not work automatically – none of God’s promises do. Every single promise in the Bible needs to be put to work, you need to both believe it in your heart and confess it with your mouth. In the case of miscarriage or stillbirth, a mother and father should be claiming the promise concerning a child not dying before it is born, during the woman’s pregnancy. There are also promises available concerning a child’s protection once they are born.

Satan cannot deceive you any longer.

If you are pregnant, or planning on having a baby, you need have absolutely no fears or concerns – you simply need to claim what God has promised you (I am talking to Christians here – see below if you have not yet made that decision). If you have previously suffered from miscarriage or stillbirth, do not buy the comforting lie that God was using it for good. Firstly, be assured that your child is in heaven and that you will one day be reunited with them. Secondly, you can know, with absolute assurance, that it need never happen again. Once you know what God has promised, you can claim it for yourself and Satan cannot deceive you any longer into thinking that a miscarriage is either somehow God working for good, or ‘just something that happens sometimes’. You will know the truth and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).

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