Everything after this year will be different.

You need a defining moment, an event in your life that will affect everything from that point onward. I am talking about an event that will totally change your life. You need a supernatural breakthrough, and I declare to you:

This year will be the year that this pivotal event occurs in your life.

If you will take hold of this, believe for it, and expect it to happen; then everything after this year will be totally different. I am writing this post in 2016 (I have since edited this article), but it makes no difference when are reading it – God is not limited by  time and neither should you be. Whatever year you are reading this, grab hold of what I am saying by faith – it is God’s message to whosoever will receive it in faith and expectancy.

Harold’s claim to the throne was extremely tenuous.

In order to explain the kind of pivotal moment I am talking about, allow me to give you a lesson in English history. On 5 January 1066 Edward the Confessor, King of England, died. Edward had apparently previously promised the throne to his first cousin once removed, William, Duke of Normandy. However, according to Harold Godwinson, a powerful English nobleman, King Edward went back on this promise, on his deathbed and instead gave the throne to Harold, and thus Harold Godwinson became King Harold II. Harold’s claim to the throne was extremely tenuous (there was no blood connection at all, but his sister was King Edward’s wife / widow). Harold was a violent man, who almost certainly murdered one of his rival’s to the throne, a man named Edward. Harold had also, according to William, sworn to defend William’s right to the throne of England in 1064. These tweets from the account of ‘Norman Chronicler’ (the monk appointed by Duke William to record events), give a reflection of the feelings at the time. For clarification (in case it’s needed) Twitter was not being used in the Eleventh Century! What I am referring to, is a Twitter account set up by English Heritage for the 950th anniversary of the events of 1066.


The Normans prayed.

William believed that he was the rightful king of England and he also had the backing of the established church of the time, which was the Catholic Church. So, on the 13 October 1066, Duke William’s Norman army prepared to face King Harold’s Anglo-Saxon army in what became known as the Battle of Hastings. It is interesting to note that the English spent the night before the battle drinking and singing, whereas the Normans prayed; and as you know, the prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16). The next day, 14 October 1066, a battle took place which lasted for most of the day, due to the fact that the opposing armies were fairly evenly matched. Effective defensive walls were created by the Anglo-Saxons using their shields, which the Normans were unable to break through. But the fact that the Normans had spent the previous night in prayer should not be overlooked. Although history does not tend to record God’s involvement in events, from a Christian perspective, the fact that the Normans prayed was almost certainly decisive.

The Normans had their breakthrough.

The upper hand was gained by the Normans when they made a fake retreat. This led some of the Anglo-Saxons to break rank and follow the Normans, which in turn allowed other Norman soldiers to attack the weak points left in the shield wall. The Normans had their breakthrough. Final victory came, when a stray arrow struck King Harold in the eye, killing him. Harold StoneTwo months later, on Christmas Day 1066, William was crowned King William the First of England, otherwise known as William the Conqueror. The fact that William was a God-fearing man, was reflected in his decision to have an abbey built on the site of the battle as an act of penance for the blood that was shed. The abbey was called Battle Abbey. King William also insisted that the high altar of the church should mark the spot where King Harold had fallen.

This battle was THE defining moment in English history.

So, why am I telling you this story? The reason, is because this account is exactly the sort of pivotal event that I am talking about, a moment, or short period of time that changes everything. The Battle of Hastings has had a profound effect on England for the 950 years since then. Let me give you a few examples of why this battle was THE defining moment in English history. There have, of course, been many events that have shaped English history throughout the years, but none have been as game changing as what happened on 14 October 1066, following a night of prayer. Without that day, the English & later the British monarchy would be totally different. There would have been no King Richard the Lionheart, no King Henry the Eighth, no Queen Elizabeth I, no King James I, no Queen Victoria and no Queen Elizabeth II.  

There would be no King James Bible.

What difference would this have made though? Well without these monarchs, many of the events that took place during their reigns would likely never have happened. For example, without Henry VIII, there would be no Church of England – in fact all of the denominations that originated in England, were a consequence of Henry VIII’s break from the Catholic Church. Without King James I there would be no King James Bible. Without the dynasty that was established by William I, there would also have been no Magna Carta, which was a agreement originating from 1215, that later became the basis for the American Constitution. As you can see, the long term effects of the Battle of Hastings reach even beyond the shores of England and the United Kingdom. It is impossible to imagine what England would look like today if William had not claimed his right to the throne – but it is certain that everything about England would be totally different. Many today’s English people have Norman ancestry (whether they know it or not), so the population itself would be massively different and many of the famous figures from the past, such as William Shakespeare, would not even have been born. Even the English language itself, which today is spoken around the world, is the product of a lot of intermingling with French words. Poor, letter, age, and pork are all words with Norman-French origins. 950 years later, England and the English language, reflect the result of the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

This is exactly the sort of change that God will bring to your life this year.

The difference that 1066 made to English history is almost beyond comprehension, and could certainly never have been imagined by those Norman soldiers as they prayed before the battle. This is exactly the sort of change that God will bring to your life this year, if you will believe Him for it and be expecting it to happen. That may sound like a fantasy and for some who choose to dismiss what I have said – it will be. But for anyone who will grab hold of this, this year will be your 1066.

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