A soldier does not fear his commanding officer because he may unexpectedly do something bad or harmful to him.

The Bible mentions fear numerous times in connection with God. For example in Proverbs 1:7, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge“, or Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” and Proverbs 22:4, “By humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, and honour, and life“. When the Bible talks about fear in this sort of context, it is not referring to be scared or terrified. It is referring to having a reverent respect for the holiness of God. It is referring to recognising how important it is to do things God’s way. This is the type of respect that a soldier would have for his commanding officer. Yes, there is a element of fear of stepping out of line there, but a soldier does not fear his commanding officer because he may unexpectedly do something bad or harmful to him. With regards to people, obviously not all people are good, but I am referring to an honourable person in this example. 

In the unlikely event that He sends you off to Iran, you are going to have a great time there.

We should never be scared of God, and by that, I mean we should never be scared of trusting God, even if the path He is leading us on does seem somewhat daunting, and yes, scary. Meditate on this statement: FEAR TOLERATED IS FAITH CONTAMINATED. One of Satan’s tactics is to attempt to cause us to be afraid of what God is doing, or of what God may want to do (see my article, ‘The Secrets of Satan’s Tactics’ for more on the enemy’s schemes). How many Christians have not fulfilled God’s call on their lives, because they were afraid that if they submitted themselves to Him, He would send them off to be missionaries in the middle of nowhere, or in a country like Iran, where they’d probably end up dead. We do not need to be scared of where God wants to lead us, He only wants the best for us. If God does want to send you to the middle of nowhere as a missionary (and probably He doesn’t), He will see to it that you have a far better time there than  if you stayed where you are now. It doesn’t matter if God sends you to a poor country (or indeed if God has you stay in a poor country, rather than moving to a richer one), God will see to it that you prosper there (if you will believe Him to prosper), in order that you can help the poor people there, rather than just joining them in their poverty. Likewise, in the unlikely event that God sends you off to Iran, or somewhere equally dangerous for Christians, you are going to have a great time there, and you can operate under the direct protection of Almighty God. Remember who is on your side, or rather, remember who’s side you are on. For more on biblical prosperity and divine protection, check out my posts ‘The Selfishness of the Prosperity Gospel’ and ‘An Angelic Security Force’.

A Christian without the Holy Spirit is like a police officer directing traffic.

Another thing that Christians are often afraid of, is the working of the Holy Spirit. This is the reason that many Christians have not been filled with the Holy Spirit and  do not speak in tongues – they have been afraid to ask God for this important gift. Simply put, we cannot function effectively as Christians without the Holy Spirit. The best analogy I have heard, is that a Christian without the Holy Spirit, is like a police officer directing traffic. That police officer has authority to stop the traffic, but if someone chooses to drive straight at him, all he can do is jump out the way – he does not have the power to stop them. However, if you put that same police officer in a tank, he now has the power to back up the authority that he already had. That is a excellent picture of a Spirit-filled Christian; the Holy Spirit is there to help the person, He is not there to completely take over control, in the way demons sometimes do when people are possessed. You can trust God.

The moving of the Holy Spirit can seem somewhat scary.

water-slide-495812Or how about when the Holy Spirit begins to move in powerful ways in a church. It can be easy to become fearful of what is happening and to be unsure of how involved we want to be. The bottom line is that we can trust God, we just need to let go and allow Him to do what He wants to do. If you’ve ever been at the top of a big water slide, you will know the feeling of fear of going over the edge. But once you pluck up the courage, you find that it’s great fun and next time the element of fear is gone (or a least reduced!). Likewise, the moving of the Holy Spirit can seem somewhat scary, but if we would just let go and trust God, we would find ourselves having a great time with Him and more importantly we would be better equipped to carry out whatever plan God has for us. Because there is always a purpose behind what God does in a church. It is never merely about the experience that we have in a church, there is always a bigger picture.

God wants to assure us that we have nothing to fear.

Too many of us are holding back, fearful of what might happen. But God wants to assure us that we have nothing to fear. He wants to assure us that He loves us and that we can trust Him completely. God has amazing adventures waiting for us.

I know what I have planned for you, says the Lord. I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future“. (Jeremiah 29:11, International Children’s Bible)

If you want more of God, if you want more than just the ordinary, more than just the mundane, I encourage to pray from your heart, this prayer that Sir Francis Drake prayed in England in 1577:


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