The problem with trying to make yourself stupider than you really are, is that you often succeed.

I have recently begun reading my eldest daughter, some of the Chronicles of Narnia books by C.S. Lewis. In the first book, The Magician’s Nephew – which tells the story of the beginning of the land of Narnia – the magician (who is nasty and manipulative) has been transported to Narnia, along with his nephew, a young girl and a Victorian cab driver. Narnia is in the process of being created by Aslan (a lion who represents Jesus in the stories) and everyone watches in amazement, as Aslan sings notes that correspond to different things being created. Everyone that is, except for Uncle Andrew (the magician). Uncle Andrew tries his hardest to make believe that it isn’t singing, only roaring. The longer that Aslan continues to sing, the harder Uncle Andrew tries to convince himself that he can only hear roaring. C.S.Lewis then makes this quote, “The problem with trying to make yourself stupider than you really are, is that you often succeed“. Soon, Uncle Andrew really can only hear roaring, the book says that he couldn’t hear anything else, even if he wanted to.

He has made himself unable to hear my voice.

magicians2Later some of the animals are given the ability to talk and when they attempt to talk to Uncle Andrew, he is filled with fear. Because of his own stubborn refusal to believe, he can only hear animal noises and eventually passes out in terror. The same thing happens when Uncle Andrew is brought to Aslan’s feet – he is so scared that he is unable to move. The girl, Polly, asks Aslan if he can say something to ‘unfrighten’ Uncle Andrew. But Aslan replies, “I cannot comfort him, he has made himself unable to hear my voice. If I spoke to him, he would only hear growlings and roarings“. I wrote before about atheism in ‘Proof of Existence‘ & ‘Proof of Existence: Part II‘. Most militant atheists are like Uncle Andrew (I’m sure you know what I mean by ‘militant atheists’!). They have said that they do not believe in God and repeated all their clever sounding arguments so many times, that they really cannot see that the evidence for God is all around them. They cannot see just how stupid their arguments really are. Worse still, if God does try to speak to them, they don’t understand a word that He says.

I know for certainty that you can hear God’s voice.

But there are also Christians who are much like Uncle Andrew. They have convinced themselves that they cannot hear God’s voice. Every time someone mentions hearing from God that say something like, “I never hear from God“, or, “God never speaks to me like that“. The truth is though that God is speaking to them – He doesn’t just single out certain Christians to speak to. The problem is not that God isn’t speaking, the problem is that they aren’t listening. If you can recognise yourself in what I just said, I have some good news! If you are a born again Christian you are not exactly like Uncle Andrew. I know for a certainty that you can hear God’s voice.

You absolutely can hear His voice – you just need to listen.

Well that’s where you’re wrong Matthew. I would love for God to speak to me, but I can’t hear Him saying anything“. That’s strange, because Jesus Himself said that you could hear His voice. He said in John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me“. So, according to Jesus, you absolutely can hear His voice – you just need to listen. Can you imagine getting to heaven and saying to Jesus, “Lord, why didn’t you ever speak to me?” and Jesus replying “Oh, I’m so sorry my child. I must have completely forgotten to speak you – my bad”? On the contrary, if you dared to ask that question to Jesus, which is highly unlikely, He would remind you about the church He put in your city so that you could hear the Word preached every week. He’d remind you that you had a Bible, that you had the Holy Spirit living inside you, and that you had the ability to pray. Finally He’d remind you that you could have watched anointed men and women of God on TV and on the internet every day of the week.

The Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit, then your spirit informs your mind.

But some of these people I’ve seen, God just seems to talk directly to them“. Yes, God does speak like that. It’s not like you usually hear an audible voice from Heaven though. Normally, Jesus communicates directly with the Holy Spirit within you and the Holy Spirit speaks to your spirit, then your spirit informs your mind. That why, when God speaks to you, it usually sounds like you – because it is you! It is your spirit communicating what it has received from the Holy Spirit. To be blunt, if you haven’t been hearing from God, you need to seek to hear His voice, because  without the voice of the Good Shepherd, you are like a sheep wandering around aimlessly, having no idea which way to turn, or what dangers lie ahead (see ‘Stop Wandering In The Dark‘).

Expect God to speak to you and when He  does, act on it.

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The first step to take in hearing God’s voice, is to confess daily that you can hear His voice, according to John 10:27 (read the whole of John 10, for more study on this). Also, put effort into giving God opportunity to speak to you: go to church and pay attention, listen to anointed ministers during the week, read your Bible daily, etc. 20151109_100504Do as much you can, and expect God to speak to you. Then when He  does speak, act on it. Don’t rationalise things and think, “That was probably just me“. It doesn’t matter – even if it was just you, God will be pleased that you acted in faith. But if it really was God, then you have just been obedient to His voice and He will give you more instructions. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, just keep practicing and before long, hearing from God will become second nature to you.

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